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UNIKL TENGKU ABDULLAH SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME (UTASS) is a scholarship scheme offered to undergraduate and postgraduate (By Research) students studying at any UniKL institutes of their choice. The UTASS (Postgraduate) is managed as a collaboration between the UniKL Institute of Postgraduate Studies and YAYASAN UNIKL.

Below are the recipients of UTASS comprised of foundation, undergraduate & postgraduate, local and international students.

UTASS – Foundation
In 2020, YAYASAN UNIKL launched the UTASS Foundation scholarship to assist deserving needy students. The programme enables recipients to complete their studies one year earlier compared to those pursing the diploma-bachelor degree route. The testimony of the first batch encouraged us to sustain this scholarship. We invite you to help more students to realize their potentials. Your contribution means a lot to them. Pledge your commitment today, give the students their tomorrow.

Entry Requirement

  1. Open to Malaysian citizens under the B40 group only.
  2. Only entitled for those who have received Universiti Kuala Lumpur Foundation offer letter (Foundation in Science and Technology, Foundation in Business, Foundation in Computer Technology, Foundation in Science and Foundation in Medical Science) for June 2021 Intake or November 2021 Intake under the self-sponsored program.
  3. Applicant of scholarship must obtain SPM or its equivalent minimum grade A in any 3 (three) subjects.
  4. A successful applicant will be offered one of the three categories of scholarship: Tuition Fee only, Partial Scholarship or Full Scholarship
  5. An applicant must not be a recipient of any full scholarship or full financial assistance from other agency / organisation.
  6. A scholarship holder must maintain CGPA of 3.00 throughout the duration of study.
  7. Complete the application form and submit before the closing date.

GALLERY UTASS – Foundation Recipients

  1. Shazareena Aleesa Binti Shamsuri
    We’re lucky to have the opportunity to study here in UniKL MIDI. It’s such a honor to be here. We got to know a whole new world. Good friendships were built here during our college days. Despite the pandemic, all the lecturers are supportive and working hard to ensure all the students receive new knowledge and gain a lot of experience. UniKL also provide us fine accommodation and our welfare were guaranteed here. Lastly, Thank you Yayasan UniKL for giving the trust to us to be one of your scholarship holders.
  2. Muhammad Haikal Bin Hussin
    Assalamualaikum, I am very honored to have been selected as a recipient of the utass scholarship.  I am very happy to be here with a very kind friend and also very helpful and supportive lecturer.  I feel comfortable with the UNIKL MIDI environment. There’s a lot of activity here with so much enjoyment. All the staff and lecturers are always there to help me with any problems. Thank you yayasan UNIKL.
  3. Emirul Iskandar Bin Haris Leong
    Joining UniKL has been my dream since I was in secondary school as I know that UniKL has a good reputation in the education sector. Since the day I have joined UniKL , I have no regret in choosing this university as the place to pursue my tertiary education. Since then, I have met a lot of great people in my life including my friends and the lecturers . This place has also helped me with my self-development to be a person that could help my family, community and country in the future. With Yayasan Scholarship, I learned how to improve my self-confidence through activity like “Yayasan UniKL Jualan Merdeka Love Moment”.
  4. Nurul Nor Athirah Binti Mohd Zulkefli
    Hello, hi! I’m Nurul Nor Athirah. I’m FICT student in UniKL MIIT. Here’s some of my enjoyment at UniKL. I do have a lot of good friends. They always support me to do every good things. Sometimes they might be a super crackhead person, but that’s okay for me. Because that make me enjoy the student life and smile even more than a lot. Even the lectures are all the best. I cant even choose which one of them was the best one as all of them was superb! I think that’s all from me. Thank you.
  5. Siti Nur Syazwani Bt Adam
    I’m really grateful and honoured for receiving this Yayasan Scholarship. Your generosity helps alleviate the financial burden higher education leaves and serves as an inspiration as I further my studies. Attending the University has been a life-changing experience for me. Starting from the day I got there, I had been greeted by kind and always-read-to-help staff that made me feel welcome like my home. Meeting new friends that will be a part of my Foundation Studies Journey. Lecturers that are passionate for the work, which includes a commitment for students success. They always go beyond the call of duty and understands the students very well.
  6. Aleisya Binti Hafizi
    I would like to say thank you to Yayasan UniKL and how grateful I am to receive this wonderful opportunity to further my studies in UniKL RCMP under Yayasan UniKL scholarship. Honestly, studying in UniKL RCMP is one of the best moment I ever had in my life. Since the first day I came here, everything was perfect. One of my favorite part in RCMP is the lecturers are very knowledgeable and extremely friendly with the students as they always try their best to assist their students without any hesitation. Moreover, I am also grateful to be surrounded with nice friends in UniKL RCMP either from seniors, diploma students and especially my batchmates from foundation in medical sciences. Lastly, I would like to say thank you again to Yayasan UniKL for being part of my journey in UniKL RCMP.
  7. Nurul Maisarah Binti Zainol
    I had a great experience in UniKL with my new friends around me. I got many new friends as my housemates here but mostly of them are from Kuala Lumpur. They treat me nicely here that I feel more comfortable here. I got into UniKL Business School by scholarship which is Yayasan Selangor Scholarship. I am very grateful and thankful to people who always support me especially my parent and siblings. Lots of love to my family. Not to forget, thanks to the one who sponsor my studies. I promise to study hard to the highest level.

UTASS – Undergraduate
The UTASS scheme for undergraduates is highly competitive due to the limited spaces offered each year. It is the aim of YAYASAN UNIKL to provide more scholarship through rigorous fundraising activities. We are proud to mention that to date we have offered scholarships to five high achievers, both local and international students.

GALLERY UTASS – Undergraduate Recipients

  1. Nurul Syafika Bt Abdullah (51215118182) – Malaysia : UniKL BMI

    I am sincerely honoured and very delighted to have been selected as Yayasan UniKL scholarship recipient. This golden opportunity has allowed me to focus on the most important aspect as student which is learning. I am so elated that I had make it this far with Yayasan UniKL and I enjoyed every second of my time as UniKL student with my friends. There are so many activities that I have joined so far such as being a committee of UniKL 16th Convocation Ceremony, University Scholars Leadership Symposium and UniKL Run. Being able to study and learn with so much joy and peace, most importantly is without any burden is a bless in my life. I will definitely remember every moments of my great degree life thanks to Yayasan UniKL. Your generosity has boosted my spirits to make it to the top and I will surely do my best.
    Attached are one closed up photo of me and fews with my friends in UniKL.

    Nurul Syafika Bt Abdullah (51215118182)  Malaysia
    Bachelor of Electronic Engineering Technology (Medical Electronics) With Honours
    UniKL BMI


  2. Faizah Chaibou Issoufou (52213218138)  – Nigeria : UniKL MIIT

    “Thank you to Yayasan Scholarship which gave me the opportunity to study and expand my knowledge more. I enjoyed my study at UniKL and I would say that UniKL is among the amazing universities anyone can go to.”

    Faizah Chaibou Issoufou (52213218138) – Nigeria
    Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) in Software Engineering
    UniKL MIIT


  3. Mohamad Imad El Kheir (55213117149)   – Lebanon: UniKL MICET

    “As long as I remembered, I was always interested in the way things around me worked. I tend to find myself trying to take things apart and fixing them back up just to see what makes it “tick”. Even though I was quite young back then, I tried to make this idea the principle of my life. Thus, I decided to join UniKL MICET as a stepping stone for me to achieve what I have sought out for. At first it was quite difficult for me during my diploma years as I had to struggle with my financial situation back then. However, by the blessings of God, I was given the opportunity to continue my degree under the “UniKL Yayasan Scholarship” program. The news of me achieving the scholarship was a momentous day in my life, as I finally felt a relief to lessen the burden onto my parents and family. From that day forward, I have strived to give my best efforts in attaining the knowledge required to fulfill my dreams of becoming an engineer. Studying at UniKL MICET has opened up my eyes to a lot of things, and made me become a better person in terms of my interpersonal skills, communication skills, as well as the thirst for knowledge. 
                       I had a wonderful experience at UniKL MICET, with it’s fair share of ups and downs, and I owe it all to my friends who have stood by me since day 1, to the lecturers who were never weary of sharing their vast experiences with us, and of course to UniKL for granting me the window of opportunity to finish my degree at their well established campus.
    Mohamad Imad El Kheir
    (55213117149) – Lebanon
    Bachelor of Chemical Engineering Technology (Hons) in Process
    There is a saying that goes; “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”, which I believe is the most accurate representation of the importance of gaining knowledge. Thank you UniKL!”


  4. Abdul Wahab Usman Ullah (51212217180) – Pakistan : UniKL BMI

    “Dear Yayasan UniKL,

    I am honored to be the recipient of the Yayasan UniKL Scholarship. Your generous contribution has allowed me to pursue my Undergraduate degree at Universiti Kuala Lumpur British Malaysian Institute. Being enrolled in the Bachelor of Electronic Engineering Technology With Honours, I consistently maintain a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 4.00 and actively participate in extracurricular activities in my spare time. I will be graduating in October in the graduation ceremony class of 2021, at which time I will pursue a career in the Industry or further Academics as an Electronic Engineer. I will use the knowledge, skills, and expertise I gain during my time at UniKL BMI to contribute to the Industry / Academics community after graduation.

    The Yayasan UniKL has paid for my academic expense, allowing me to focus on my academic pursuits. Receiving this scholarship has greatly reduced the financial burden of my family, given me peace of mind, and allowed me to continue to pursue my educational dreams. Without your donation, I wouldn’t be able to achieve the grades necessary to fulfil my professional ambition of becoming an Electronic Engineer.

    Last but not the least, once again I greatly appreciate your generous financial support and the opportunity to pursue both my educational and extracurricular dreams. Thank you for your continued support and investment in my future.

    Abdul Wahab Usman Ullah
    (51212217180) – Pakistan
    UniKL BMI 

    Bachelor of Electronic Engineering Technology (Medical Electronics) with Honours


  5. Abdul Rehman Muhammad Jamal Wali (51212217180) – Pakistan : UniKL MIAT


    Alsalam ealaykum warahamah allah wabarakatuh

    I am  ABDUL REHMAN MUHAMMAD WALI,  ID : 53213217199,  writing to express my sincere gratitude to you for making the [Yayasan Scholarship] possible. I was thrilled to learn of my selection for this honor, and I am deeply appreciative of your support. UniKL has been like my second home and my colleagues plus staff of UniKL was like family and will be in the future as well. I am what I am today thanks to UniKL.

    A great university with great people and always a good place for your higher studies if you are an international student. There’s so much to learn and so much to experience in Malaysia.

    The time at UniKL was memorable moment every day. My choice was UniKL and I hope it will be yours as well.

    Abdul Rehman Muhammad Jamal Wali (51212217180) – Pakistan
    Bachelor of Aircraft Engineering Technology (Hons) In Avionics
    UniKL MIAT


UTASS – Postgraduate
One of YAYASAN UNIKL’s mandate is to provide assistance for well-deserving students both local and international students who excel in their students especially the underprivileged. The UTASS scheme for postgraduate is highly competitive due to the limited spaces offered each year.

GALLERY UTASS – Postgraduate Recipients

  1. MOHAMMAD RIYAZ BELGAUM (India) : 52480318009
    UniKL MIIT


  2. MUHAMMAD FAIZAN (Pakistan) : 52360119015 

    UniKL MIIT

Bank Islam : 14153010045940