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Green Recovery Ecosystem Builder
Southeast Asia 2020 Cohort Programme

Building Next Level Green Recovery Enterprise Support Programmes
Inception workshop Agenda, 2-5 November 2020, 13:00-17:00 (GMT+7)

The digital 4 half-day workshop will set the stage for the upcoming month guiding the participants through the development of their refined programme design aligning it with Green Recovery and eco-inclusive enterprise considerations. The inception workshop will be driven by a hands-on approach working on the participant cases to develop or refine their existing or potential program designs. The inception workshop will make use of the zoom conferencing software allowing to work in break-out sessions and smaller virtual groups. The online discussions will be based on mural a collaborative online tool which will allow individuals to work visually and collaboratively on the specific tools and questions at hand. The workshop content and tools are based on design thinking and user-centred frameworks allowing the participants to work on their own cases.

The entire programme will be based on a comprehensive toolkit consisting of about 30 tools. The inception workshop will be driven by a selection of seven tools, which will be applied and explained throughout the workshop process. At the end of the inception workshop participants will get access to the entire inception workshop toolkit supporting the further application. The toolkit incorporates the partners distilled learning from working with eco-inclusive enterprises and social businesses designing enterprise support programmes with multiple actors over 15 years in multiple countries around the globe.

Scope of Activities :