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#DemiLaut : Modernizing Traditional Fisheries

#DemiLaut is addressing the wicked problems. poverty, lack of access to basic gears, facilities, support and knowledge, poverty and competition from commercial ships. The wicked problems manifest in a variety of ways. Those include no application of ICT technologies in their daily lives, being unable to access fiscal support and relying on 3rd party marketing in order to sell their catch. The traditional fishers have also been characterized as lazy and unable to accept changes leading to them being left behind. Solving these issues would reduce the poverty in the traditional fishers communities (SDG 1), create a sustainable and transparent fishing practice for the ocean (SDG 14),  and improve access to opportunities for the fishers (SDG 10).



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We at #DemiLaut are excited to share details of the #DemiIlmu program and activities you would be expected to learn and explore!
The workshops and activities are designed to build participants’ knowledge of traditional fisheries, in order to encourage meaningful engagement and effective scientific research contribution.

Register now at and be part of our journey to understand and transform traditional fisheries.
Visit to learn more and stay tuned for our detailed program agenda!

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