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We offer science and technology awareness courses to the general public. Depending on what is most convenient and comfortable for you, these courses can be done online or offline.


We offer self-development classes tailored to meet your needs. Group instruction is an option for this general course. These courses can be conducted either online or offline depending on your convenience and comfort.


Our custom workshops address some of the most common self development concerns. Talk to us about your vision and interest, we’ll help you select workshop content that is best suited to prompt action.

Training Available

Terrarium Therapy

DIY Workshop – Terrarium Therapy is a fun, indeed serves as therapeutic element and rewarding project that allows you to build a miniature nature indoors while exploring your creativity

Retort Technology

The Retort Technology Awareness Training is an immersive learning experience that delves into the fundamental principles and advanced applications of retort processing.

Entepreneurial & Business Finance

Introduction workshop to entrepreneurial & business finance.

Green Technology

Introduction to recycling methods and introduction of recyclable materials and goods that are harmful to the environment. ATAU Basic carpentry workshop to produce household products based on recycled wood.

About Us


Yayasan UniKL Consultant, Course, & Coaching provides training and consulting services with our trained and experienced field experts. As an established charity, Yayasan UniKL carries out charitable activities, and all the income collected will be channeled to the needy.

We wish to unleash people’s potential to the fullest. Allow them to explore their ‘best’ within their inner universe. Understand their strength, uplift the needed skills, and ultimately find the KEY POWER that can transform them into the BEST!

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