How You Can Support Us!

Your support is what makes it possible to share knowledge and change lives.


In order to continue our work we need support from people like you. People who understand that the work we do plays a vital role in education scholarship, make decisions about empowering enterprises and leadership and also live a better life in community outreach.

Other ways to support us

If you are able, please consider making a difference today to support our work. You can be sure that, no matter how large or small your involvement, every contribution will go towards activities that support the needy to pursue their education path, uplifting better life with leadership and entrepreneurship skills and also those victims who have suffered in the aftermath of severe difficulties In the moment of need.

There are three ways options for you to support us as follows;


Elevate Your Brand With UniKL GIANT Digital Billboards.
You can choose by clicking HERE for the rate card of support.


Community Outreach Program
You can support us by joining our Gifts Of Love Convo Booths, BazarBelanja e-Commence Platform,  humanitarian projects, donation drives, awareness campaigns, empowerment program etc.


If you would like to donate through Yayasan UniKL, you can bank in at Bank Islam : 14153010045940 (YAYASAN UNIKL Account)

Yayasan UniKL’s small staff and trustee team passionately believe in the value of the work we do and the information resources we provide. Click HERE to see more of our beneficiaries.

We would like to say a heartfelt thank you for joining our efforts to make sure the people we help have access to the information that we know is vital to supporting their futures and lives.


For UniKL Staff, you can help them by donating through a monthly salary deduction. Please email Miss Athirah Aminuddin (GHC) at
For general questions, you can write an email to us at