Pewarisan Sdn Bhd (1390056-P) is a comprehensive and Shariah-compliant Islamic Inheritance Management platform. Start by planning Online for FREE. Find out who the heirs are entitled to follow faraid, what are Wasi, Wasiat, Hibah and others.



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Plan an Inheritance for FREE

Start with Faraid Calculation, update personal information, heirs, executors, property, debts and others. Lots of knowledge to be shared.

Manage Estate

The estate of the deceased heir has not been managed? Get started now with our Estate Management System.

Inheritance Benefits

A Scheme that combines Inheritance Documents, Funeral Management and Inheritance Management Package. Simplify the affairs of your heirs.

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Open to cooperatives, companies, charities, government agencies, NGOs, mosques, bloggers, social media influencers etc.

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We invite muslim civil and syarie lawyers from all over the country to be listed in our Directory.

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