We Make A Living By What We Get,
But We Make A Life By What We Give
“Your contribution could make a difference in someone’s life.
No matter how small, it goes a long way

Thank you for supporting Yayasan UniKL. You’re 3 simple steps away from helping us to respond faster and better to the people in time of need.
You can get involved by;
  1. Choose any preferred program below.
  2. Channel your contribution thru Yayasan UniKL Bank Islam Account – 14153010045940
  3. Ref 1 Write Code Program you wish to donate (eg YU-VR2021) and your email / address at Ref 2 for us to send your receipt of donation
If you do not receive your receipt within 2 weeks of your contribution, do notify us and we will attend to your request immediately. Please email us at


In 2020, YAYASAN UNIKL introduced the UTASS FOUNDATION Scholarship Programme. Seven pioneer recipients are doing well in their studies and are on the way to a brighter future. They will soon pursue their next level of studies in the institutes of choice in UniKL.
To ensure the sustainability of the programme, the YAYASAN invites benevolent staff to support this initiative. Just a small donation can help YU to sponsor more foundation students. Your contribution means a lot to them. Pledge your commitment today, give the students their tomorrow.
For those who would like to contribute to the UTASS Foundation Fund a salary deduction form is attached for your kind action. Please submit the salary deduction form to respective PMTCU (Campuses) or GPMTC (Chancellery) /

Click logo below for more detail

(Code : YU-UTASS-F)

UniKL is proud to announce the launch of its inaugural virtual run. The UniKL Grand Virtual Run 2021 with the tagline ‘#RUN4ILMU’, will be hosted by all 12 campuses of UniKL Malaysia over a period of one month, from 2 August 2021 – 5 September 2021. We anticipate global participation of 10,000 runners or more. Meanwhile the registration period is on 28 June 2021 – 1 August 2021.
We believe that education is an equalizer where given the opportunity, a child from a less endowed home can also excel. Thus, we continuously strive to raise funds to open more doors for deserving needy students to craft their future at UniKL, the pioneering and leading HTVET institution. The RUN4ILMU virtual run aims to raise funds to sponsor foundation students for 2021/2022 academic year, and to raise funds for YAYASAN UniKL bridging scholarship.
We invite your esteemed company to support this noble cause. A range of attractive sponsorship packages have been specially designed for you to choose from Medal Sponsorship Package to Diamond Sponsorship Package. Click Logo below for more detail;

(Code : YU-VR2021)

Pledge your commitment today, give the Gaza youth their tomorrow.
YAYASAN UNIKL in collaboration with UniKL Islamic Section (UIS),  is supporting Cinta Gaza Malaysia – Education4Gaza Project. We, therefore, seek your benevolence to support this ONE-OFF INFAQ project. For those who would like to contribute to the Education4Gaza, Please complete INFAQ FORM ( for your kind action. (Code: YU-E4G)

For more information do visit:

CREATING HEROS – Reach Out & Touch
This collaborating with UniKL MeSRA and Yayasan UniKL project aims to collect internal fundraising among UniKLian (Staff, Student, Parents & Alumni) to extended a helping hand to our fellow from Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang and Johor who are in dire need.

(Code : YU-CH-RTS)

DANA WAKAF ILMU – Continuous Ongoing Charity
Dana Wakaf Ilmu (DWI) which is under the custodian of UniKL MESTECH collaborates with YAYASAN UNIKL on Waqf matters which serves the objects of the yayasan. For those who would like to contribute to the DWI waqf, a salary deduction form is attached for your kind action. Please submit the salary deduction form to the respective PMTCU (Campuses) or GPMTC (Chancellery) /
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(Code : YU-DWI)