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GIFTS Of LOVE – Whether you’re searching for the perfect present for a loved one, corporate gifts, or treating yourself to a little something special, our diverse selection has something for everyone.

Explore our shelves filled with charming trinkets, trendy apparel, and quirky accessories that make for memorable gifts and stylish additions to your collection.

Indulge your taste buds with our delectable munchies, ranging from artisanal popular cookies to traditional snacks, curated to elevate your snacking experience.

Our selections, strive to present a premium collection where you can discover joy in choosing items as an opportunity to find the ideal gift, the trendiest merchandise, and the most delicious munchies.


Yayasan UniKL (968080 – A) was founded to support leadership and entrepreneurship, give scholarships, and assist the community.

We supply merchandise, gifts, and munchies for our fund to achieve all of the aforementioned goals. Every one of our product gifts is appropriate for every festival or occasion. Get in touch with us for custom-tailored items and more.

Our Products & Services


| UniKL Lanyards |
| Customise Mini Jute Bag |
| Plush : UniKL Captains |


| Customise Bouquets |
| Customise Terrariums |
| Recycle Gifts Set |


| Premium Traditional Cookies |
| Assorted Nougat & Dried Fruit |
( Nougat / Fig / Tin)
| Exquisite Premium Dates |
( Ajwa / Safawi / Medjool)


We provide a unique selection of UniKL products that may be purchased for personal use or as gifts. And continue to follow us to learn about our most recent, fascinating collection.

UniKL Lanyards

These unique UniKL lanyards are Green Gifts because they are made from recycled fabric in various interesting patterns and colors.

Brand : Yayasan UniKL
Material : ReCycle Material (Patterns : Batik / Doodle / Abstract)
Dimension : 18″ length x 1″ width
Product Code : Product M101
Price : RM 20.00

Customise Mini Jute Bag

Irresistible Fancy multipurpose customise printed jute bag for your collection.

Brand : Yayasan UniKL
Material : Jute with/without Plastic Window
Dimension : S – 18cm (W) x 18cm (H) x 12cm (D)
                       M – 22.5cm (W) x 20.5cm (H) x 13cm (D)
Material : Curvy Jute
Dimension : 24cm (W) x 20cm (H) x 10.5cm (D)
Product Code : Product M102
Price : RM 12.00 (S) / RM 15.00 (M)

Plush : Captains UniKL

Personify University Kuala Lumpur as a charming gift or personal collection.

Brand : Yayasan UniKL
Material : Plush / Soft Toy
Dimension : 22 cm
Product Code : Product M103
Price : RM30.00


We offer a distinctive range of YU gift sets that are perfect for giving or collecting. From exchanging affection to raising awareness of the green topic.

Customise Bouquets

Bouquet arrangement of artificial or fresh flowers and other items according to your taste.

Brand : Wira Lawan Kanser
Material : Fresh | Artificial | Others
Dimension : Small x Big (Customise)
Product Code : Product G101
Price : nil


A mini garden composition in a small pot / vase to decorate your room.

Brand : Yayasan UniKL
Material : Natural Plants & Deco
Dimension : Small x Big (Customise)
Product Code : Product G102
Price : RM 150.00 

Customise Recycle Gifts Set

Recycled items are upcycled into very beautiful and useful gift items.

Brand : PSPK
Material : ReCycle / Green Materials
Dimension : Customise
Items : Lanyard / Face Mask / Phone Stand / Hook / Coaster / Small Pots
Product Code : Product G103
Price : nil


Spectacular selected premium delicacies to surprise your taste buds that you should serve during festive seasons, all celebrations and even as a special gifts.

Premium Homemade Traditional Cookies Gifts Set
in the Gift Box


Our finest biskut Bangkit (Tapioca Cookies). Crunchy on the outside yet melts in your mouth, kuih bangkit is a traditional cookie mainly made of tapioca flour, icing sugar, butter and coconut milk.

Brand : BisCULT / BisCUTE
Material : Bangkit Cookies
Dimension : 2 Container with Box
Items : Bangkit Kelapa / Bangkit Cheese / Kerepek Gunting
Product Code : Product M201
Price : RM 25.00 – RM 45.00

Assorted Nougat & Dried Fruit Gifts set
in the Exclusive Tiffins & Jute Beg


All-time favorites are placed in a two-tiered tiffin that is beautifully decorated with a jute bag pattern.

Brand : Persatuan Ibu Tunggal Melaka
Material : Stainless Steel with jut beg
Dimension : S Saiz – 12 cm Diameter / 18 cm Height / 5 cm each tier height / 560 gsm weight
                       M Saiz
14 cm Diameter / 18 cm Height / 5 cm each tier height
Items : Nougat & Tin
Product Code : Product M202
Price : RM 120.00 (S) / RM 150.00 (M)

Exquisite Premium Dates & Dried Food Gift Set
in Small Jar & Jute Beg


Three sets of popular premium dates packaged in beautiful glass jars complete with jute bags.

Brand : Yayasan UniKL
Material : Glass Jar & Jute Beg
Dimension : 3 Small Jar
Items : Kurma Ajwa & Apricots
Product Code : Product M203
Price : RM100.00