Modernizing Traditional Fisheries

We at #DemiLaut are excited to share details of the program and activities you would be expected to learn and explore! The programs are designed to create awearness & build share knowledge of traditional fisheries, in order to encourage meaningful engagement and effective scientific research contribution.

Our Story

Traditional Fisheries

#DemiLaut is addressing the wicked problems. poverty, lack of access to basic gears, facilities, support and knowledge, poverty and competition from commercial ships. The wicked problems manifest in a variety of ways. Those include no application of ICT technologies in their daily lives, being unable to access fiscal support and relying on 3rd party marketing in order to sell their catch. The traditional fishers have also been characterized as lazy and unable to accept changes leading to them being left behind. Solving these issues would reduce the poverty in the traditional fishers communities (SDG 1), create a sustainable and transparent fishing practice for the ocean (SDG 14),  and improve access to opportunities for the fishers (SDG 10).

Our Initiatives

Be part of our journey to understand and transform traditional fisheries.

Holistic Solutions

We offer a holistic range of solutions that address various challenges faced by the traditional fisheries sector. From upskilling programs for rural youths to data collection systems and market data platforms, our approach encompasses the entire spectrum of needs for fishers and rural communities.

Tailored Expertise

Our team possesses a strong understanding of local markets and extensive experience in the fisheries industry. This unique combination allows us to tailor our solutions to the specific needs and dynamics of the Malaysian fisheries sector, ensuring relevance and effectiveness.


Our technology is designed with cost-efficiency in mind, requiring low capital expenditure (CAPEX). This ensures optimal allocation of resources and enhances financial sustainability.

Scalability and Outreach

With the capability to expand nationwide and reach various communities inter-state, our solutions can effectively impact a wide range of fishers and rural communities, promoting equitable growth and development throughout the country.

Tested and Enhanced App

Our digital app has been rigorously tested with students, and we continuously enhance its value proposition to meet the evolving needs of fishers. The app allows fishers to record essential details, improving decision-making and access to critical information.

Data-Driven Governance

By collecting real-time data on fish stocks and catches, we bridge the gap in government and policymaker data collection efforts. This data-driven approach empowers evidence-based decision-making, promoting sustainable fishing practices and effective regulation.

Conservation and Sustainability Focus

Our startup places a high emphasis on governing fish biodiversity and mitigating climate change’s impact on the ocean. Our efforts contribute to the preservation of marine resources and foster environmental stewardship.

Inclusive and Accessible

We strive to make our solutions inclusive and accessible to all, regardless of economic background. Our Knowledge Wiki and app are freely available, promoting knowledge-sharing and technological adoption among fishers and rural communities.

We at #DemiLaut notice an important challenge within the traditional fisheries where the fish are not handled and stored well during their way back to shore. This would further reduce the value of the fish due to deterioration.

Improved Artisanal Livelihood

Traditional fishers and rural communities will experience improved livelihoods through increased access to market data, services, and knowledge. They will have diversified income sources and enhanced financial literacy, reducing their reliance solely on fishing activity.

Sustainable Fishing Practices

promote sustainable fishing practices among traditional fishers, leading to the preservation of fish biodiversity and the protection of the marine ecosystem. The data collected on catch activity and fishers’ demographics will contribute to evidence-based decision- making and effective regulation and governance.


Fishers and rural youths will be equipped with enhanced resilience and competencies to face challenges such as climate change and competition from industrial fisheries. They will have the skills and knowledge to adapt to changing conditions, ensuring the long- term sustainability of their fishing activities.


We’re on a mission to modernize traditional fisheries!

Traditional fishers are scattered all over the corners of our coastal land and are usually varied by locations, cultures, practices, nuances, and conditions. To be able to identify the traditional fishers’ pain points, we would need to bridge in through citizen scientists who are familiar with these regional differences. We are thus inviting everyone across the region to solve the current fisheries challenges through our upcoming #DemiIlmu program!

“Reach out to us if you’d like to speak to us about the skills that you’d like to grow with us or the goals you would like to achieve together with us”

Market Expansion

facilitate market expansion for traditional fish stocks by exploring new distribution channels and reaching new markets. This will create additional opportunities for fishers to sell their products and increase their income, contributing to the economic development of rural communities.

Technological Adoption

successful adoption of the digital app among fishers and youths will bridge the gap between traditional fishing practices and digital entrepreneurship. This will result in increased awareness and utilization of digital tools, leading to improved decision- making, access to information, and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Effective Data Management

comprehensive data collection system will ensure the real- time capture, gathering, and recording of fish stocks, catches, and fishers’ demographic information. This data will be valuable for monitoring, research, and policymaking, enabling efficient regulation and governance of the fisheries sector.

Our Team

Meet Our Team

We believe that the future will be driven by the impacts of individuals working together.
It doesn’t matter if you were doing something different than what is expected, what matters is that you had to make time with the previous skills you have to be successful in what you’re doing now – just to do better in a new requirement and goal.
Haaziq Ibrahim

CEO / Engineer
Brique Engineering Solutions

Dr. Nor Raihana Mohamed Zam

Program Coordinator
Yayasan UniKL


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